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Tuesday, 7-8pm

Let’s all get together to meet one another, organize some of the administrative portions of the program, and prepare for pre-season workouts!

See you at the Bel AIr Athletic Club’s conference room!

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Fee Schedule

Posted by Upper Chesapeake Volleyball Club at Oct 17, 2017 8:07PM PDT

Single Installment, due Nov 28th
Full Player $1450
Taxi Player $700

2-Installments, due Nov 28th (1) and Dec 15th (2)
Full Player (1) $750, (2) $725
Taxi Player (1) $375, (2) $350

3-Installments, due Nov 28th (1), Dec 15th (2), and Jan 15th (3)
Full Player (1) $550, (2) $525, (3) $450
Taxi Player (1) $300, (2) $300, (3) $200

The above prices are for cash or check (payable to UCVC). Credit card purchases assume a service fee.

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2017-2018 Age Definitions

Posted by Upper Chesapeake Volleyball Club at Oct 17, 2017 7:53PM PDT

Here’s the age definitions for this season, per USAV guidance.


November 11:
Girls 15 and Under from 3-5pm
Girls 18 and Under from 5-7pm

November 12:
Girls 15 and Under, 2d session from 1-3pm
Girls 18 and Under, 2d session from 3-5pm

Boys 14 years old and younger may play on a co-ed team 14U.

Athletes are only required to attend one of the available tryout periods. Repeated tryout attempts are allowable, but should be registered separately – in case an athlete wishes to have a ‘second look.’

All athletes must register for at least a multi-event membership through CHRVA, which will have a membership fee associated with USA Volleyball. This membership does allow for athletes to tryout for other clubs, as well, so one registration is required for the region.

Additionally, they should have their USAV number provided either through pre-registration or their printed card from their membership page. Prior to tryouts, all athletes must provide their medical release and participation form, along with their $25 tryout fee (cash, check payable to UCVC, or $27.50 credit card). This separate fee is for UCVC to host the tryout event.

Please, bring appropriate athletic attire, court shoes, knee pads (optional), a form of hydration, and any necessary medical equipment (e.g., inhalers, etc.). If any special considerations are to be made, please notify the attending coaches during the tryout period.

For all documents, look here!


Pat Powers, an Olympic Gold Medalist and renowned national and collegiate-level coach, is holding a clinic at the Dulles SportsPlex next week. Registration is required, with over 1900 participants in last year’s clinics!

Look here for more information on this opportunity!