A glance of the season ahead

Posted by Upper Chesapeake Volleyball Club on Nov 10 2014 at 04:31PM PST

Meet the coaches…

We’ll be updating the team pages on the left once we’ve gotten all of the players accepted. We’ll also place a short biography for our coaches at the same time. However, for a primer…

Coaching the Girls’ 15U team: Jen Neugebauer and Mycalah Bryant
Coaching the Girls’ 16U team: Katie Allen and John Beck
Coaching the Girls’ 17U team: Lauren and Stephen Guignet
Coaching the Boys 18U team: Kyle Anthony and Adam Thatcher

Many recall working with John last year with flicking the hair out of your face for serving, Lauren on some gut-wrenching workouts, or have earned ‘bunnies’ from working with Kyle. Yep…some of that shall be repeated! We look forward to seeing these memories and more being made throughout the upcoming months!

Offers started going out today, and more will be flowing throughout the next couple of days. We look forward to seeing you all at the club wide meeting in a couple of weeks!


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